Happy Hour | Great Escapes
3pm - 7pm Mon. - Thurs. | 3pm-8pm Fri.
$1.50 Drafts - $5 Pitchers


Why We're Loved!

Read about all the features we have. It ranges from beautiful scenery, to partying to bands on the beach!


Our Types of Parties

Read about the different types of parties we host, and what people love about us!


Bring Your Own Boat

We have docks and a beach. You can dock, eat, drink, and party all at one place... Gilligan's Pier!


Upcoming Bands

May 15th... DJ Stiltz 7-11
May 16th... Split 2nd 3-7 & Lovely Rita 9-1
May 17th... The Sara Gray Band 3-7
May 22th... The Piranhas 9-1
May 23th... Pork Donut 3-7 & The Worx 9-1
May 24th... Billy Yeager 1-4 & The Worx 5-9
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