Corporate Parties

Party for your business?

Part of our beachOur restaurant and outside area are meant to hold hundreds of customers. In the off-season (outside of summer), we are known for holding corporate events / parties at our location. We have our own catering, which offer group prices. We prepare food and an area for your party!

We’re No-Hastle!

Tell us the feel you’re looking for, and we’ll do what we do to make your party as comfortable as possible. Parties are meant for fun and to be laid back. We make it as stress-free as possible. We’re literally located on a beach, with our own island, so if you’re looking to let the employees relax, we’re the place to go. There are many places to go, but we’re right in the area, ready to serve you!


If our beach isn’t enough to convince you to bring your events here, our scenery will be. All year we experience beautiful scenery. Relaxing can refuel an employee, as well as the boss.

  • Business Info:

    • Operating hours:

    • Restaurant/Bar:
      Thursday: 11am-9pm

      Friday/Saturday: 11am -2am

      Sunday: 11 am -12pm
    • Telephone:
    • (301) 259-4514